Harbourside Hotel

The Kitchen at The Harbourside Hotel is a bright, open space with a relaxed, casual atmosphere. It’s the place to come for delicious food that’s entirely local and organic. The Kitchen’s menu offerings incorporate & balance fresh organic herbs, and vegetables & focus more on the best Local fisherman’s market

Harbourside Restaurant

At Harbourside, we have a strong need for simplicity. Our Restaurant is just that: simple and honest. The world’s most social activity is taken to another level through an open, residential atmosphere. Healthy food is served fast and shared at our long, communal tables, bringing new tastes and stories. There’s a certain informal feel to it: you can chat with
the chef about your favorite vegetables, while our pizza oven’s fire is crackling away in the background. Harbouside’s residents as well as locals can enjoy a tasty meal here. Every now and then, we invite local multi-cultural kitchen heroes to take the stage and cook up a storm.
We love reservations. 

Please book a table to guarantee your spot in our Restaurant.


There’s no batter way to kickstart your day than with a hearty breakfast. We
grant you to nourish yourself to your heart’s content, so we’re giving you
plenty of options. Grab any sweet savoury goodies you’d like from our kitchen
table and order eggs your way. Coffee, Tea and juices are included.


A unique dining experience that allows you to enjoy delicious food while being surrounded by the beauty of the ocean. Whether you prefer a casual beachside café or a fine dining restaurant with a view, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Seafood is often the highlight of a seaside lunch menu, with dishes like fresh seafood platters, fish and chips, and grilled shrimp being popular choices. Other menu items may include sandwiches, salads, and refreshing beverages like cocktails and smoothies.


That’s the philosophy of our dinner menu! Our chef combines the best
flavours from around the world and adds his own finishing touches to them.
Our promise? Each dish packs a punch and brings on a welcome sense of
warmth. With our beachside deck offering the most scenic setting, your
dining experience with us is sure to become a cherished memory.



Whether it’s enjoying an energy-boosting coffee in the morning or treating
yourself to a delicious spritzer after a long day’s work, our Bar has everything you’ll need! Come grab a drink.